August 10th - 12th

1st Place: "Sonic Blue" 1990 Nintendo World Championship Cartridge

2nd - 8th Place: Pick of Tournament Cartridges

This year at Game On Expo: Retro Championships 2018, we have an exciting lineup of tournament games, and an extra special guest!

For some spoilers for who our special guest is, let’s time travel back to 1994. Here we are at the SEGA “Rock the Rock” World Championships on good ol’ Alcatraz Island. This wild Sonic & Knuckles competition held a $25,000 grand prize and was even broadcast on MTV.

That’s right! Our featured guest will be none other than Chris Tang, the winner of this epic 1994 championship. Chris was also a finalist in the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, and continues to stay active in the gaming community, commentating on events such as, the Classic Tetris World Championships.

In the spirit of this “Rock the Rock” competition, we’re going to “Rock the Phoenix CC” for our tournament this year. We’re hosting a SEGA Genesis-inspired tournament!


The nitty gritty: In the Quarterfinals, competitors will battle it out on Sonic The HedgeHog 2 for a coveted Top 8 spot.

Sonic 2

Most rings after completing stage 1 (Death ends run)

Qualifier Leader Board


Should you survive, you’ll enter a gauntlet-style round, similar to last year’s tournament. Get ready to show off your mastery on these games:

Round 1 - Thunder Force III

Complete Hydra stage, score recorded

Round 2 - Outrun

Complete a full route, score recorded

Round 3 - NBA Jam

Complete a game till half-time, points are recorded (CPU score irrelevant)

Round 4 - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Complete Stage 1 and 2, score recorded

Round 5 - Strider

Complete first stage, score recorded