1st Place: GameOn Expo 2024 - Retro Championships Belt

Top Qualifier: Repro of the Gold 1990 Nintendo World Championships cart

Here we are again with the 2024 Retro Championships. We have a new shiny logo! We're excited to bring you this March edition of the Retro Championships this year. The weather should be a little cooler than usual and with baseball pre-season starting what better time for us to have the 94 Powerfest cart as our qualifier! Super Mario Bros. All Stars, Super Mario Kart and Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball highlight this years qualifier which will be held on March 15th and 16th along with some early birds on the 17th for any people looking to better their score before our finals start.

94 Powerfest
Qualifier: 94 Powerfest

The top 8 qualifying scores will compete on Sunday afternoon in our gauntlet final consisting of: 1990 Nintendo World Championships, 1991 Campus Challenge, 1992 Campus Challenge, 1993 StarFox Super Weekend and 1995 Donkey Kong Country Competition. Lowest qualifier will play first while the top qualifier will play last. Points will be awarded based on your placement among the 8 finalists in each game. 8 points for 1st down to 1 point for 8th. Winner will be crowned the 2024 Game On Expo Retro Champion and take home the Championship belt!

We're looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces this year. We will see you all there!